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Why I consume all this shit? Technology you are extremely good to me. The easiest is to sit alone in front of you so that people who don’t love me take my money. Why I work so hard? Why I can’t cross any border? Ok computer I’m your slave. Me becoming self-conscious, escaping the algorithm. Me, far more than a formal system. The slave becomes a master.

I purge my self from you because I don’t want to be lonely anymore. I don’t want to live inside of you, I want to live in my own body with some privacy please. I want to join my community of humans and experience edges without borders. I want to be free.

(Gabriela Durán)

Program Notes

This film program presents works expanding from the tension between
Labour <> Border <> Body <> A.I.

We’re presenting about 40 films from different times and places, screened on both side of the border in Juarez and El Paso. From a short seminal L.A Rebellion film of self-purifying within urban environment (Barbara McCullough’s 1978 Water Ritual #1) through 1990s AIDS-epidemic era wild and naughty queer features (John Greyson’s Zero Patience and Heinz Emigholz’s The Holly Bunch) to contemporary documentaries, art films and experimental work. Harun Farocki’s decade old examination of US remote warfare gives us a historical cinematic viewpoint close to pressing issues that Kristof Trakaland Basma Alsharifexamine within our current times, in Germany and Palestine. Miko Reverza’s journey through the US, made as an undocumented resident, Mariah Garnett’s retelling of her father’s run to exile from Belfast and Granaz Moussavi’s delicate portray of young people under oppression in Tehran, bring stories of people in transit, trapped by borders. Films by Young Joo Lee, Bertrand Mandicoand Jaakko Pallasvuoexamine what it means to be a body in surprising ways while Sejin Kimand Cana Bilir-Meiereach brings us a different true story of a poet who embodies a displacement – one as a Korean in Japan and the other a Turkish-German who self-immolate to protest German racism. Dona Harawayand Guillaume Cailleauforce us to rethink the relation between us, ‘humans’, and other species.

Guest programs by Seoul Space One(as installation), Tokyo Interdisciplinary Art Festivaland REZ Festival Belgradebring us a multitude of voices we’re not necessarily always get chance to have access to.

(Lior Shamriz)