This is Eye

This is a meta-photographic study where I explore the possibility of an hyperconsciousness of my own identity. Using an eye-tracker that is usually used for scientific purposes I tried to register and measure how I look at myself. At the same time, I tried to construct the whole show through recursive actions. For instance, I only used selfies, I measured my own eyes when looking at my own pictures, I recorded the video of myself as I measured myself.

This is Me This is You
Measuring myself looking at selfies randomly intermixed with phrases from the songs Fitter Happier (Radiohead) and Technologic (Daft Punk).

This is Eye from Gabriela Duran on Vimeo.

This is Me
Altered selfies through my eye-movements. The images are not only changed, but they generate information about the act of looking at myself.

Heat map intervention automatically generated through my eye-movements. The areas in red are the areas I looked the most.

This is you
A very simple digital logic. Three phrases that attempt to summarize the act of looking to an image in the computer.


Presentación de Pieza en Centrópolis (Ciudad de Chihuahua, Julio 2014)

This is Eye presentado en Centrópolis from Gabriela Duran on Vimeo.