Students Art Show


Last Fall, I directed this project called Se despide, de lo que se perdió for a Multidisciplinary Art Class. Students worked around the concept of masculinity. It is important to mention that all students were women. They decided to capture in video masculine sadness.  For that, they interviewed their male friends and recorded their faces, looking for sad expressions.  Also they did a mashup out of many movies showing sad men.

The final show happened in a cantina (a bar). The decision was made based on the tendency of  men going to a bar when they are sad. So in this bar called La Tuna, students installed a projector to show the video of their sad friends. Within the TV sets across the bar, they installed the mashup. Also, they created phrases using cut-up techniques, introducing elements of chance. These phrases were originally taken from the interviews with their male friends and implied some unsatisfied longing or desire. Thus, the phrases that satisfied the criteria were written, then cut into parts, then rearranged randomly to form a new phrase such as: Dondé está el amor, no sé cómo (Where is the love, I don’t know how). The phrases were written on different mirrors across the bar using lipstick.